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With over 30-years of experience, Dr. Bass has successfully treated more types of back and neck pain than most doctors ever see. That is why you need an experienced doctor when you are in pain. 

Dr. Bass is a leader in "pain" and "movement related" spine and disc disorders. He is the inventor of the FDA-Cleared Medical Device called the Antalgic-Trak (scroll down to learn more).

The Neck and Back Pain Institute
Dr. David Bass, DC, LAC, AP, DOM, Inventor

"We Help... When You Hurt"


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 Dr. Bass is the world's expert in Antalgic-Trak Spinal Decompression.
He is the inventor. Depending on your particular issue, we combine Antalgic-Trak therapy with chiropractic care, acupuncture, PRP therapy, bio-puncture injection therapy, ozone therapy, K-laser, ultrasound, diathermy, electro-therapy, acoustic shock-wave, massage and more.  

 The FDA-Cleared Antalgic-Trak treats neck and back pain, numbness-tingling, injured spinal discs, stenosis, scoliosis, spinal arthritis, pinched nerves and more. The Antalgic-Trak can be found in hospitals and clinics around the world. 

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Did you know that the Antalgic-Trak is considered the greatest breakthrough in NON-SURGICAL spine therapy in 50 years? This new technology offers patients new hope.

"Our therapy programs center around the Antalgic-Trak. It is considered by many doctors to be the most effective non-surgical therapy in the world."

Conditions associated with auto,
work or sport related traumas can be treated without surgery.

This new technology is
being embraced by doctors
around the world.

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Antalgic-Trak has articulating features (movable sections) that enable it to customize itself to each patient's spinal distortion. This can improve the decompression experience.

Our Unique "MULTI-STEP" Care Program:

Developed by Dr. David Bass, the institute uses a
"MULTI-STEP" program that strategically combines our
procedures around the Antalgic-Trak®. The protocol is
designed to deliver more reliable results.

  1. Strategic Intake-This is our consultation and exam where we learn about you and your condition.

  2. Weight Bearing X-ray (and MRI Analysis) Because we utilize postural decompression, we need to evaluate the alignment relationship between your vertebrae and discs. This valuable information enables us to precisely position the "Antalgic-Track" to fit you. No two spines are alike.
  3. Antalgic-Trak is a "state-of-the-art" non-surgical spinal decompression system. We believe it to be the best in the world. It is an advanced form of traction used to treat the pains associated with disc injury, spine related pain, pinched nerves and more.

Soft Tissue Therapy-
It is important to include the muscles, tendons,
ligaments and the circulation when treating the spine. To do
this we utilize manipulation, acupuncture, massage,
stretching, nutrition, homeopathic injections
as well as stabilizing exercises.

  1. K-Laser CUBE-The "CUBE" is a powerful FDA-Cleared, Class-4 therapeutic laser. It has the penetrating power to reach into the deeper tissues of the spine. Older laser products do not have penetrating power and therefor offer no benefit to the deep tissue. The CUBE can stimulate the deeper tissues of the spine.
  2. Interferential Electrotherapy- This therapy is performed by applying electrode pads to the muscles around the complaint area. The therapy reduces swelling, improves circulation, reduces muscle spasm, and deprograms the "old" contraction pattern. Contraction patterns can maintain the condition. The goal is to deprogram the "condition pattern" and establish a new healthier one.

  3. Nutrition - You are what you eat... as we rebuild and hydrate your injured disc we can improve the outcome with specialized supplements formulated to rebuild the disc cartilage and surrounding tissues.
  4. HF-54 Ultrasound- Ultrasound has been used to treat the spine for years. The HF-54 ultrasound unit has the largest ultrasound treatment surface in the world. Using computer technology, these units can be placed over the anatomy without having to move them enabling the ultrasound to saturate the entire treatment area.

  5. Diathermy Therapy- Short Wave Diathermy produces a wave of electromagnetic energy to stimulate healing. Its energy can penetrate more deeply than any other electrotherapy. Diathermy improves circulation, reduces muscle spasms and calms irritated nerves. Simply stated, it speeds up tissue metabolism
  6. Acoustic Shockwave- This device is used for a variety of injured tissues including plantar fascia swelling, tendonitis, adhesion's and scar tissue.

  7. Homeopathic "Bio-Puncture" Injection Therapy and PRP: These procedures enables us to inject specific natural formulations that enhance tissue repair. Also known as prolotherapy, bio-puncture, and/or platelet rich plasma. These procedures are safe and effective.

  8. Stabilization Belting- We utilize special "belting" to support and stabilize your spine between visits.
  9. Exercise Rehabilitation: Strengthening the muscles that support the spine helps to 'lock-in" structural improvements. 

The Antalgic-Trak® Spinal Decompression System is the only "articulating" decompression system in the world. It can dramatically effect the pains associated with spinal injuries and conditions.

Today... doctors across the US, Canada, Asia and Europe are successfully treating patients with the Antalgic-Trak. Once you experience it you'll immediately realize why it is like no other therapy in the world.

NOTE: As with any treatment in any field of health care, results cannot be guaranteed and can vary between patients. The techniques and procedures that we utilize (at the institute) are safe and effective. We make every effort to diagnose and review the details of your condition so that we may advise you on the anticipated results of your treatment program.

"RECLAIM YOUR LIFE! We Help... When You Hurt"

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Antalgic-Trak is the only FDA-Cleared Spinal Decompression
System in the world with our patented multi-axis movement sections. NOTE: The FDA defines decompression as
unloading due to distraction and positioning.

Each section of our website will enlighten you about the services we offer and why we use them. We are confident that once you understand the why we do what we do, you will have the knowledge and confidence to entrust your care (or the care of a loved one) to us. After all, we consider it a privilege to treat you.

Regarding FREE services: The patient and any other person responsible for payment has the right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for any service, examination or treatment which is performed, or as a result of and within seventy two (72) hours of responding to the advertisement for the free or reduced fee service, examination or treatment.

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