What is Bio-Puncture?
Bio-Puncture is the injection of homeopathic solutions, vitamins and other natural solutions into various acupuncture points and areas of pain. The purpose is to relieve pain and restore function.

In addition, the bio-puncture solutions create what is known as proliferation therapy, or "Prolotherapy". For-example, injecting a solution know as "Traumeel" into a damaged tendon will stimulate the tendon's ability to thicken, or proliferate, which improves its ability to function and stabilize the area the tendon supports. It works the same for a ligament. Proliferation or prolotherapy to injured or damaged ligaments help them thicken and repair resulting in the ligaments ability to stabilize its associated joint.  

Bio-Puncture is an advanced form of acupuncture. Developed over the past several years, biopuncture is used to speed up results and/or stimulate results is difficult cases. Acupuncture in itself is an advanced form of medical therapy that relieves pain and enhances healing. Acupuncture also has the ability to balance metabolism. Adding biopuncture into the equation simply improves the process, outcomes and results.

Like other healthcare modalities, acupuncture continues to evolve. Today, through advanced certification work, biopuncture is being utilized  to treat difficult and stubborn conditions.  

In general, all damaged tissues, be it cartilage, muscle, disc, tendon and ligament, improve in function with successful prolotherapy.

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