Deep Tissue Diathermy (short Wave)

Short Wave Deep Tissue Diathermy

Shortwave diathermy emits an electromagnetic wave that produces a deep, inner tissue heat. It brings soothing relief to many patients who suffer with back or neck pain, spasm, bursitis, arthritis, musculoskeletal conditions and disc injuries.

Diathermy also acts as a sedative to irritated nerves. This induces relaxation of the tissues. Areas treated with diathermy can experience freer movement of muscles and ligaments because the diathermy energy can break down adhesions and soften scar tissue. This makes movement and stretching easier and less painful.

For example: For an injured or inflammed joint (sprained knees, hip, back, or frozen shoulder) the treatment objectives are to

  1. Relieve pain
  2. Prevent stiffness
  3. Restore restricted movement

Diathermy is frequently the most effective means for accomplishing these aims because the elctromagnetic field produced with diathermy penetrates deeper than any other non-invasive therapy to relieve pain, relaxes muscle fibers, improve circulation and promotes healing in areas we can't reach.

Diathermy has a soothing and relaxing effect on muscle spasms and contractures seen in low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and spinal disc problems. This type of heat, by going deep into the structures, can bring about complete relief that lasts for hours and sometimes for days and weeks at a time.

Spastic conditions of the stomach, gallbladder and intestines can also be relieved with diathermy because of the sedative tissue effects.

To conclude, diathermy is an overall excellent adjunctive tool helpful in the treatment of almost every musculoskeletal condition.

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