Spinal Decompression

Dr. Bass is known as the expert where it relates to Antalgic-Trak therapy and treatment. He is the inventor.

Antalgic-Trak is advanced decompression

The majority of spine and disc injuries come from traumas that typically involve a form of spinal compression. The pressures created from compression injuries can bulge or herniate the discs pressing them against the nerves. Auto whiplash can create multiple compression injuries throughout the spine. From our experience, these injuries require a very specialized therapy program such as the ANTALGIC-TRAK. Work and sports injuries create them as well. Compressions also come from lifting, pushing, pulling and twisting.

This is the FDA-Cleared Antalgic-Trak. It is a medical device that combines postural accommdation with spinal decompression. No other system can do this.

The gentle soothing and rhythmic traction of Antalgic-Trak helps improve spinal joint spacing.

Basic Disc Anatomy:

Structured like a "jelly doughnut", the disc is made of two materials.

  1. The Inner Material called the "Nucleus Pulposis": This is Cross section of a herniated discthe inner gelatinous center that acts as a ball-bearing shock absorber (like the inner jelly of the doughnut).
  2. The Outer Material called the "Annulus Fibrosis": Surrounding the inner nucleus pulposis is the outer annulus fibrosis. The outer annulus fibrosis is made up of rubber-band like layers of fibro-elastic cartilage tissue. Its job is to contain the inner nucleus pulposus (like the outer doughnut contains the inner jelly).

The migration of the inner disc "nucleus pulposis" (jelly) through the outer "annulus fibrosis" (doughnut) is called a herniated disc.

You may read more about the FDA-Cleared Antalgic-Trak Spine and Disc Treatment System at this website... www.MySpineIsGreat.com

The term "decompression" as used herein refers to unloading due to distraction and positioning.

Click this blue video to see how a disc is decompressed

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