Jerome Rice (not the athlete): "My name is Jerry Rice and I want to give my testimonial about Dr. Bass and my treatment at the Coral Springs Neck & Back Pain Institute. Dr. Bass healed me from a very extreme spinal condition. The MRI revealed a herniated disc. I had treatment with Dr. Bass for 4 months with follow up for an additional 2 months. Dr. Bass used the Antalgic-Trak disc decompression machine as well as other therapy techniques. Due to the expertise of Dr. Bass, my once severe lower back pains are 100% gone. My last session was November 2009 and my pains have not returned since. I recommmend Dr. Bass to anyone with neck or back pain no matter how severe. Thank you Dr. Bass."
Mr. Jerry Rice

ENTERTAINERS who have experienced the benefits of chiropractic.

  • Richard Pryor
  • Bob Hope - "Chiropractic is a wonderful means of natural healing!"
  • Dixie Carter - "I have a wonderful chiropractor. I believe a healthy spine is a healthy body."
  • Andy Griffith - "Chiropractic has advanced tremendously over the past few decades. It has grown by leaps and bounds to become a specialized and accepted science."
  • Katherine Kelly Land, Bold & Beautiful Soap Opera Star - "I leave my chiropractor's office feeling fresh and rejuvenated and back in line the way I should be. He has also been successful at getting rid of my tension headaches."
  • David Cassidy - The Partridge Family TV Series
  • Lou Waters, CNN Today - "I like to go to the chiropractor at least once a week and have for the past 20-25 years. I feel better when I go; I have more energy."
  • Mel Gibson
  • Dennis Weaver
  • Adam Arkin, Chicago Hope
  • David Duchovney
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Robin Williams
  • David Copperfield
  • Denzel Washington
  • Whitney Houston
  • Penny Marshall
  • Kim Bassinger
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Richard Gere
  • Whoopie Goldberg
  • Ted Danson
  • Macaulay Culkin
  • Demi Moore
  • Johnathan Lipnicki
  • Tea Leoni
  • Steven Segal
  • Dianne Carroll
  • Richard Kuss
  • Johnetta Cole
  • Jim & Jan Brolin
  • Cher
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Doris Day
  • Burt Reynolds
  • Robin Wright
  • Meredith Baxter
  • Phyllis Diller
  • James Earl Jones
  • Alan Thicke
  • Christie Brinkley
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Linda Hamilton
  • Jane Seymour
  • Dolf Lundgren
  • Michael Shurtleff
  • Heidi Kling
  • Josephine Pemice-Fales
  • Members of Cosby Family
  • David Spade
  • Shirley MacLaine
  • Liza Minnelli
  • Marcello Angelini
  • Daniella Buson

Our Patients Speak:

"Over the past 25 years I've had multiple treatments many different doctors for a variety of recurring injuries. My shoulders, hips, back and neck have been a constant ongoing problem for me.I would repetitively visit other doctors with minimal short lived relief. But now, with the treatment I'm receiving at the Neck & Back Pain Institute, for the first time I can say that I have periods of relief that last longer than ever before. As a result, my exercise routine and my overall strength have improved." - B.A., Coral Springs, FL

"After two auto accidents and 3 herniated discs in my neck, I was unable to work. The slightest activity set off my pains. And although I received a variety of therapies with a variety of doctors and specialists, I had little relief and many of the care programs irritated me. It wasn't until my good friend made me make an appointment at the Neck & Back Institute that my life would change. I'm back at work and my herniated discs no longer control me...I control them." - S.A., Coral Springs, FL"

As a high school student who is deeply involved in baseball, I rely on the professional at the Neck & Back Pain Institute to keep me in the best shape I can be. Last year I had injured my back playing ball and was uinable to get relief with other doctors. The only care program that helped me was what Dr. bass did for me. He really made a differnece in my recovery." - D.D., Coral Springs, FL

"My accident caused me problems in both my hips, my low back, my neck and both shoulders. I went to the orthopedist, the neurologist and the physical therapists. I had little to no relief. All my benefits were used up. I even went back to my home country where I could afford treatment out of my own pocket. I had little improvement there as well. Then I saw an advertisement for the Neck and Back pain Isntitute. I was intrigued that the doctor invented a special spinal therapy machine. The treatment and therapies I receive here are done by professional who care. I could feel the difference and DR. Bass' machine.... wow. And although I still have some problems, I am greatful for the improvement I have made. I appreciate everything that is being done for me." - G.T., Coral Springs, FL

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